Arenametrix - The first Big Data solution for tickets sellers
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Arenametrix is a turnkey web platform which automatically syncs your data and helps you to better communicate with your audience and to grow your ticketing revenues.

With Arenametrix , your save time, you work with more relevance and efficiency.

Your data automatically empowered

  • Arenametrix sync all your data from your ticketing software
  • Your data is systematically structured, cleaned and enriched
  • You benefit from realtime information without any effort

Cloud platform

  • No install required
  • Access Arenametrix from anywhere on any device
  • Unlimited users: all team members can work with Arenametrix

Track, analyze and forecast your sales

  • Customizable dashboards to quiclky look at your performance
  • Thorough analyses to know everything about your sales
  • Powerful algorithms to forecast your sales for all your events

Grow your attendance and revenues

  • Co,solidate your sales to analyze your resellers’ performance
  • Dynamically manage available quantities and sales quotas
  • Our algorithm provides pricing recommandations suited to your audience and to the demand level

Enhance your audience knowledge

  • Contacts records are created for every identified profile in your data
  • All your audience data is consolidated into a unique tool (ticketing data, newsletter, social network, etc.)
  • Advanced customer informations are calculated (loyalty, preferred moment for buying, favorite products, geolocalization, etc.)

Segment and target efficiently

  • Define targets with detailed criterias (frequent buyers, youngsters, holidays buyers, etc.)
  • Engage your targets with your favorite tools. Arenametrix is connected to various emailing and SMS solutions

Discover Arenametrix today!