Solutions - Audience analytics and Yield Management for tickets sellers
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Our solution are inspired by best in class practices in Yield Management and Marketing fields.

Yield Management is an optimization technique which aims at maximizing the performance under the constraint of an available capacity to be allocated accordingly to the expressed demand. Its goal is to adapt the product offering by identifying segments, potentials and by setting prices.

Advanced marketing and Yield Management technics are simple in principle but complex to implement. Therefore, we help all tickets sellers make these innovations their own to be more effective in their marketing and commercialization.

Combining innovative solutions and consulting services we help ticket sellers to sell:
The right ticket

To the right person

At the right time

Through the right channel

And at the right price

The value for ticket sellers is manyfold:

  • Better satisfaction & loyalty among customers
  • Customer acquisition more efficient
  • Higher filling rate of venues
  • Better unit revenue per ticket sold

Enhance you audience knowledge and improve your relationship

+ personalized relationship  + relevance  + efficient transaction


    Gather all the information to better know your audience


    Group your audience in distinctive segments Regroupez vos publics en segments of people sharing common characteristics or consumption behaviours


    Adapt your product offering and your communication to your audience segments

  • Communicate

    Better inform your audience by creating targeted campaigns with adapted content

  • Measure

    Directly and continuously measure and improve the performance of your marketing actions

Improve your ticketing strategy
and release new sources of revenues


What happened?


What is going to happen?


What should I do?